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WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Chancellor Carlo Montemagno. 

How The Illinois Governor's Race Gets 'Social'

Oct 5, 2018

If you live in Illinois and visited Facebook or YouTube in the last year, chances are you've run into

Angie Gomez has seen and heard plenty of stories about how hard it is for unauthorized immigrants and migrant farmworkers in rural areas to find lawyers to help them apply for or change their legal status.

WSIU/Kevin Boucher

The Magnolia Manor in Cairo, Illinois is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It was built in the late 1800s by a wealthy businessman who made his fortune selling flour all over the world.  In this feature, we hear about how this house, built as a testament to the rich resources found in southern Illinois, impacted the world, and still draws visitors today.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SalukiCon 2018 Committee members Jeff Punske and Nathan Bonner:


WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Ronald Keaton about his performance of "Churchill," a part of SIUC's University Honors Program Michael and Nancy Glassman lecture series.

Keaton's performance is free and open to the public at Shryock Auditorium at 7:00pm.

Nicole Smith-Holt’s son Alec was 23 when he started feeling sick. His muscles cramped. He was lethargic. He woke up multiple times every night to use the bathroom. After two weeks, Smith-Holt encouraged him to go to urgent care.

Nonviolent Carbondale

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Diana Brawley-Sussman about 2018 11 Days for Peace events.

Solar-Assisted Bitcoin Plant Coming To Murphysboro

Sep 19, 2018
WSIU/Kevin Boucher

A company, based in Canada, that specializes in installing solar arrays is planning on building a system on land in Murphysboro to help power a company which will process bitcoins.

For Kids' Sake

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Ryan Edwards of For Kids' Sake about their upcoming Superhero 5K fundraiser.

The Illinois Governor’s Mansion is recently renovated and has re-opened for tourists, who tend to go for the historical significance. There’s also a new reason for art enthusiasts to check it out.

Experts Explore Reasons, Solutions for Teacher Shortage

Sep 5, 2018

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a slew of legislation this month intended to alleviate Illinois’s teacher shortage. But some teachers and union leaders doubt the measures are enough. Illinois Newsroom’s Lee Gaines spoke with Linda Darling-Hammond to find out what legislative fixes actually work.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Carbondale City Manager Gary Williams and Councilwoman Carolyn Harvey. In this edition, they discuss guidance for renters new to the city, and a potential solar energy project planned for the city's northeast side.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Associate Chancellor for Enrollment Management, Jennifer DeHaemers, about expectations for on-campus enrollment in the current academic year, along with projections for the future.

Back in 2012, one of the major employers in Montrose, Colorado, a sawmill, was in receivership and on the brink of collapse. At the time, local media reported that the cost of logging timber had become prohibitively expensive, and the log yard was nearly empty.  

These days, logs are stacked high next to a humming mill. Production is up 20 percent from even just 2016.

Harvest season isn’t far away for corn and soybean farmers, whose crops are worth less now than when they planted in the spring due to the United States’ trade war.

“We don't know what to think from one day to the next. It's hard to plan,” said Duane Hund, a farmer in Kansas’ Flint Hills.

Forty percent of farmers polled this summer by Farm Futures said President Donald Trump’s trade policy is permanently damaging U.S. agriculture. The scrambling of global markets is just beginning, Hund said, and pointed to the 1980 Russian grain embargo as an example.

Cahokia Mounds: A Big City 1,000 Years Ago

Aug 28, 2018
WSIU/Kevin Boucher

On this WSIU INFOCUS, we hear from researchers analyzing the soil in and around the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site.

WSIU/Kevin Boucher

As Illinois Celebrates its Bicentennial, WSIU travels to one of the most significant archaeological sites in North America.

Todd Graham, SIU Debate Coach

With a guilty verdict for former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort and a guilty plea from President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen, analysts are talking about what the two cases mean, and what comes next. WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIU Debate Director Todd Graham about his observations.

DuQuoin State Fair
IL Dept of Agriculture

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Jak Tichenor about "DuQuoin State Fair Memories," an event on August 26 that will highlight Illinois' Bicentennial as well as the Perry County institution.

IL General Assembly

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller speaks with Illinois House Higher Education Committee Chair Chris Welch about upcoming meetings on the SIU Carbondale and SIU Edwardsville campuses.

Pesticides are all over, from backyard gardens to cornfields. While their use doesn’t appear to be slowing, concern over drift and the resulting effects on health is driving research — and more worries.

Those concerns are bringing pesticides to a different venue: courtrooms. 


WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Chancellor Carlo Montemagno, with updates on reorganization, enrollment, recruitment and retention, and more.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Dr. J. Kevin Dorsey, SIU's new Interim President.

The Public Learns About Hummingbirds.

Aug 10, 2018

The Shawnee Chapter of The Illinois Audubon Society recently held  a public workshop about hummingbirds.

There could soon be a different kind of fuel going into trucks and planes, one that could help farmers and create rural jobs.

It’d come from sorghum: a grass grown around the world, but increasingly so in states like Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. 

When we think about preventing domestic violence and human trafficking, we may not think that one of the first lines of defense against these issues is standing at the front of our classrooms.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Mayor Mike Henry and City Manager Gary Williams about how Carbondale is preparing for SIUC students' return, as well as how things are changing in the town/gown relationship.

When communities watch young people grow up, go off and never return, remaining residents and politicians often bemoan there’s been a “brain drain” — especially when such population loss means schools and businesses close.

Esperanza Yanez can spot a sick cow just by looking at it.

“The head hangs down and they don’t eat,” said Yanez, who immigrated from Mexico two decades ago and has been caring for cattle ever since.