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Previte, who died Nov. 16, spent 30 years working with at-risk youth and kids in detention in Camden, N.J. The center she ran became a national model. Originally broadcast in 1993.

Pianist and composer Thomas currently directs the San Francisco Symphony. He'll receive a Kennedy Center award for lifetime artistic achievement on Dec. 8. Originally broadcast in 1995 and 2012.

Virginity tests are making headlines in the United States. In November, the rapper T.I. drew a firestorm of criticism after he said during a podcast interview that he requires his 18-year-old daughter to undergo an annual virginity test with her gynecologist.

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SIU System Has A New President.

19 hours ago
WSIU Kevin Boucher

The SIU Board of Trustees, meeting at the Carbondale Campus on Thursday,  voted to appoint Daniel Mahony as the next President of the SIU System.

At a news conference on Thursday,  Mahony said that declining enrollment, while a big issue at SIU, is common at  90 percent of Universities all across the United States, and that he would make it a top priority.

American Red Cross Issues Urgent Appeal.

Dec 4, 2019

The American Red Cross is asking for the public to be sure and donate blood.

SIU Trustees appear split on how - and when - to change the way state funding is divided between the Carbondale and Edwardsville campuses.

12/4/2019: House Judiciary Holds Impeachment Hearing

Dec 4, 2019
US Capitol
Liam James Doyle / NPR

The House Judiciary Committee is holding its first hearing in the impeachment inquiry, focused on constitutional grounds for impeachment.

Beginning in January, single-occupancy public restrooms in Illinois must be gender-neutral.  Signage should identify these places as "restrooms" and not specify any specific gender.  Northern Illinois University has already implemented this in several areas of campus. Assistant Professor Katy Jaekel said this helped foster inclusivity for students and staff.

Last month, Northern Illinois University police investigated a potential threat circulating on social media.

The university sent a late-night “community awareness message” telling students and staff the threat wasn’t credible. But many NIU students had already seen the rumors online and were not satisfied with the university’s short response.

That morning, November 18, Kaitlyn Frisby woke up to Facebook and Twitter reactions about the situation from her classmates -- questions like: How long did they talk to the person? Are they in police custody?

WSIU Kevin Boucher

A six-figure gift to the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute will help get more college students involved in public service.

Southern Illinois University

SIU's Board of Trustees will vote Thursday on the appointment of a new system president.

Illinois' Department of Agriculture published its bi-annual study that looked at how to improve water quality by cutting down on pollutants that runoff into streams and rivers. Runoff has been on the rise lately, and officials say reducing it involves more than just farmers.

Associated Press

Missouri officials are buying a piece of equipment that simulates the experience of being in an earthquake to prepare residents for a big temblor in a region that saw one of the most powerful earthquakes east of the Rocky Mountains in the 1800's.


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