Governor Pat Quinn’s proposed Fiscal 2014 state budget would eliminate funding for Southern Illinois University’s school of pharmacy in Edwardsville.

The program received about $1.2-million in state grant funding this fiscal year.  Next year’s budget would zero-out the line item. The cut to the pharmacy school would be in addition to the overall reduction in state university funding that the governor is recommending.  


A Metro East lawmaker's attempt to rebuild SIU's Board of Trustees has cleared one legislative hurdle.


SIU President Glenn Poshard delivered his State of the University Address to the SIU Carbondale campus Wednesday.

The James Project

The SIU Board of Trustees has appointed a new interim General Counsel.

Trustees held a brief meeting Tuesday afternoon on the SIU Carbondale campus to approve Associate General Counsel Luke Crater to serve as SIU’s interim chief legal officer. 

SIU President Glenn Poshard recommended Crater for the position.  He is a SIU Law School graduate and has worked for the university since 2006.  Crater will continue his duties with the School of Medicine in Springfield in addition to his new temporary duties as General Counsel.

SIU Math Week

Mar 5, 2013

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIU Professor and Mathematics Department Chair Greg Budzban about Math Week 2013.

Southern Illinois University Trustee Roger Herrin says there's one thing he can agree with his detractors on: unity needs to find its way to the SIU System.

An Illinois Senator is calling for the SIU Board of Trustees to have a more strict makeup.

Paul Newton, The Southern Illinoisan

SIU Trustees were unable to meet today, a day after the Illinois Senate rejected three new appointees to the Board. But the lack of an official meeting didn’t stop one Board member from clashing with the University’s President over ongoing conflicts and problems.

It appears The SIU Board of Trustees will NOT be welcoming three new members at its meeting Thursday in Edwardsville.

Wednesday the Senate did not provide a single vote in favor of any of the three appointees.  The senate voted 0-23 with 32 “present” votes.  State Senator Bill Haine of Alton says he didn’t know the nominees’ qualifications and Governor Quinn failed to seek Senate advice on the appointees as the state Constitution requires. 

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has appointed three new members to serve on the Southern Illinois University Board of Trustees. 

Monday afternoon Quinn announced that Sandra Cook, Melvin Terrell, and Lee Milner will fill three expired terms on the SIU Board. 

Southern Illinois University's top lawyer is retiring after two years on the job.

University officials announced Monday that General Counsel Jeff McLellan will retire effective March 1.   McLellan was named to the post as interim legal chief in March 2011.  He was appointed to the full time post in September of that year. Prior to becoming General Cousel for the SIU system he was a special assistant to the Chancellor on the SIU Edwardsville campus.

No word on McLellan's replacement.  He joins his wife in retirement .

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews SIU President Glenn Poshard.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Chancellor Rita Cheng. In this month's installment, a look at Spring 2013 enrollment, tuition and fee proposals for FY 14, and other issues facing the university.


The enrollment at Southern Illinois University’s flagship campus is down nearly 1,300 students from spring of last year.

Illinois is months behind in paying its bills to vendors and agencies all over the state, and Southern Illinois University is no different.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews SIU President Glenn Poshard.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIU Architecture Professor Jon Davey about the Fuller Dome Home, the legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller, and plans to celebrate his life and accomplishments later this spring.

SIU Women's Basketball Coach Resigns

Jan 21, 2013

Southern Illinois University Women’s Basketball head coach Missy Tiber has resigned.

SIU Athletics Director Mario Moccia announced Tiber’s resignation Monday afternoon. Assistant coach Adrianne Harlow will serve as the team's interim coach for the remainder of the season. Harlow has been an assistant under Tiber for the past 12 seasons at SIU, Tusculum College, and Belmont Abbey College.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIUC Chancellor Rita Cheng about bond ratings, costs and other issues facing the university. In this episode, online learning and the "new normal" of higher education are also discussed.

Moody’s Investors Service is warning of a possible down-grade in Southern Illinois University’s long-term credit rating from stable to negative.

Three Southern Illinois University Carbondale students are under arrest following an armed robbery Wednesday in one of the school's residence halls.

Fuller Dome Home Preservation Effort Making Progress

Dec 6, 2012

The Bucky Fuller Dome Home in Carbondale is one of the very last Buckminster Fuller artifacts remaining in the entire world.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with Xstream Leadership Group CEO J.R. McGee, SIUC Professor Bruce DeRuntz, and SIUC Senior Michael Uphoff about the Leadership Development Program. The program prepares students in the SIUC Engineering School for leadership opportunities across the country and around the world.

Ten SIU Carbondale students have been banned from the campus following a weekend fight.

SIUC Chancellor Rita Cheng says the students have received notices of separation.   The incident occurred Sunday afternoon a little before 5 pm outside of the Mae Smith residence hall.   The fight remains under investigation.


Southern Illinois University researchers are conducting what is probably one of the largest ecosystem research experiments ever attempted -- the harvesting of 3-Million Asian Carp from the Illinois River. 

As Eileen Waldron reports, their goal is to see if fewer fish down-stream would decrease the threat to Lake Michigan.  The research team is also experimenting with turning the carp into fishmeal.


As layoff notices are going out to SIU employees on the Carbondale campus, administrators say they're still quite concerned about what could be coming from both Springfield and Washington in the coming weeks.

Rhode Island College

Southern Illinois University Carbondale has named a new Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Relations.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller interviews SIUC Department of Public Safety Director Todd Sigler, about the annual Clery Report, which tallies campus crime and allows schools to compare their statistics.

WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIU President Glenn Poshard about the possible effects of sequestration at the federal level, bond ratings for SIU, capital projects and more.