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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has suspended lawmakers pay until the legislature acts on pension reform.

Murray Parents' Association

Illinois officials have agreed to temporarily halt the movement of residents out of a southern Illinois institution for the developmentally disabled.

Quinn Vetoes Smart Grid Update

May 6, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn has put himself between big electric utilities and power consumers, vetoing legislation meant to pave the way for a rate increase by ComEd and Ameren. But it may be just a temporary setback for the utilities.

The legislation would allow ComEd and Ameren to get about $70 million more out of consumers every year.
Quinn says that, along with other rate increases the utilities are seeking, the average consumer would see an increase of $5-$6 a month.

SIU Board of Trustees meeting from April 3, 2013. The meeting abruptly ended when two trustees walked out in protest.

Gov. Pat Quinn will lead a trade mission to Mexico this week in an effort to increase ties between that nation and Illinois.

Governor Pat Quinn wants the Illinois Senate to take another look at his picks for who should sit on Southern Illinois University's Board of Trustees.

By a margin of 96 to four, members of the state's largest public employees' union voted to ratify a new contract with the state.

Local lawmakers say there's a long way to go in coming to an agreement on a new state budget.

An Illinois Senator is calling for the SIU Board of Trustees to have a more strict makeup.

Paul Newton, The Southern Illinoisan

SIU Trustees were unable to meet today, a day after the Illinois Senate rejected three new appointees to the Board. But the lack of an official meeting didn’t stop one Board member from clashing with the University’s President over ongoing conflicts and problems.

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A state government workers' strike is a "real possibility" in Illinois, according to one union leader.


Former Illinois prison wardens have reservations about the state's handling of the inmate population.

Chris Slaby, Illinois Public Radio

Governor Pat Quinn's State of the State speech was met with disappointment and frustration from area leaders.

State of IL

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's fifth State of the State address focuses on his successes on job creation, spending cuts and help for veterans.     

Illinois' public employee unions are asking for a meeting with Gov. Pat Quinn and legislative leaders to come up with an agreement on pension changes.

AFL-CIO President Michael Carrigan says in a letter to Quinn and leaders of the House and Senate that the union hopes the meeting will overcome obstacles that have blocked recent pension proposals.

The State Journal-Register reports the coalition of unions, called We Are One Illinois, will meet in Burr Ridge on Feb. 11.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has been single-handedly blocking an expansion of gambling in recent years. But supporters of the plan are optimistic that could soon change.

Gov. Files Pay Raise Appeal

Jan 10, 2013

Gov. Pat Quinn has filed an appeal over a Cook County judge's ruling that the state must pay wage increases promised to workers in 2011.

2012 Year in Review

Dec 31, 2012

The Illinois Radio Network has compiled its list of Top Stories for 2012. While some are statewide or even national issues, others hit close to home. Here are the stories:

1: Harrisburg Tornado

2: 2012 Drought

3: Facility Closures

4: Pensions

5: Congress

6: Corruption

In the absence of congressional action, income taxes will go up, and extended unemployment benefits will end in Illinois beginning January 1st when the so called "fiscal cliff" arrives.

The Fiscal Cliff is the creation of a 2011 debt ceiling-deficit reduction deal which allows tax cuts to lapse and triggers automatic spending cuts. It was designed to be severe, so that disagreeing lawmakers would compromise to avoid it, but that has yet to happen.

Gov. Pat Quinn says lawmakers should have plenty of time to deal with pension reform and other major issues during a shortened lame duck session.

Legislators are scheduled to return to Springfield next week. Quinn has said he wants them to approve a fix for the state's estimated $95 billion pension crisis before new lawmakers are sworn in Jan. 9. Other issues that could be on the agenda are a gambling expansion, allowing gay marriage and a bill to let illegal immigrants have driver's licenses.

Now that his veto of funding for prisons has been affirmed, the governor is planning to ask a judge this week for permission to close for facilities.

A judge in Alexander County issued an injunction preventing the Department of Corrections from closing Tamms, Dwight, and the youth facilities at Murphysboro and Joliet, but Gov. Pat Quinn now wants to resume emptying them.

Illinois lawmakers could tackle high-profile issues beginning tomorrow in their six-day fall session.

It took three months for it to happen. But over the weekend, Governor Pat Quinn finally debuted his Internet pension campaign. It's supposed to spur legislators to overhaul Illinois' retirement systems.

State of IL

The state's public workers' pension squeeze is now the subject of a website established by the governor and aimed at the public.

Forty years after the passage of the federal Clean Water Act, Illinois has launched a $1 billion effort to overhaul aging water infrastructure.

Making the announcement on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Gov. Pat Quinn says the Clean Water Initiative will create 28,500 jobs, protect public health, and drive community and business growth across Illinois. The announcement delivers on the governor’s promise made during his State of the State address this year to rebuild and repair Illinois’ aging drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.

Nearly three quarters of Illinois residents aren't happy with Governor Pat Quinn.

A recent Tribune company poll found people of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds are dissatisfied with the governor's performance.

Kevin Boucher/WSIU

Illinois State Sen. Gary Forby is urging Gov. Pat Quinn to drop his prison-closure plans with inmate numbers at an all-time high.        

The Benton Democrat said Quinn should reconsider after The Associated Press reported the prison population hit a record -- 49,154 -- last weekend.        

The Corrections Department denied a figure that large even though the analysis was based on the agency's own numbers.

Quinn says a tight budget requires closure of five correctional facilities -- including Tamms in Forby's district. The Democrat pledges it can be done safely.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is ordering state agencies to make more data available online and urging local governments to do the same.

Agencies now have to make sharing data a priority when setting up new computer systems. They also have to step up their efforts to find raw data to share.

Information ranging from daily traffic to retail sales is already available. But that's just a fraction of the facts and figures generated by state government.

Agencies have four months to produce a plan for complying with the executive order issued Tuesday.

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Until further notice, Governor Pat Quinn's schedule is the union's schedule.