Flu Shot

Egg Allergies No Longer A Reason To Avoid The Flu Shot

Nov 18, 2020

Some people who haven’t been able to get flu shots previously may be able to now.

Dr. Jason West, family physician with Southern Illinois Healthcare, said patients with egg allergies shouldn’t fear getting the flu shot this year.

OSF HealthCare

Data released by the National Poll on Children's Health indicates one-third of American parents will not get their children vaccinated for the flu this year.

Southern Seven Health Department is holding a flu shot clinic for the public Monday morning in Alexander County.

The regular and high dose vaccines will be available.

Flu Vaccines Still Important During The Pandemic

Sep 30, 2020
A hand giving someone a shot in the arm.
National Institutes of Health

Everyone’s talking about COVID-19, but that doesn’t meant you can forget about the flu. Doctors are reminding people to get their flu shot this season.

Doctor Eric Graham, with Heartland Regional Medical Center, said the symptoms of COVID and flu are very similar. He said that while most people’s attention is focused on COVID-19, people should remember the flu is also a very serious illness.

“I’ve seen some of these influenza viruses, H1N1 especially, it’s a very serious bug and I’ve seen that take down young, healthy adults,” Graham said.

A new Illinois statute aims to boost flu shot rates among healthcare workers by making it harder for employees to decline the vaccine.

Lawmakers say this is important in light of last year’s flu season that killed more people than car crashes and drug overdoses. But some on the frontlines of public health worry that a law that’s not enforced will have little effect.

Last year brought a lot of flu activity across the state and this year health professionals are urging the public to roll up their sleeves and get flu shots early this year. 


In the middle of December the CDC changed Illinois’ status from regional to widespread.

Heartland Regional Medical Center, SIH hospitals and SSM hospitals have temporarily changed their visitation recommendations to protect patients, staff and visitors from influenza.

Several areas throughout Illinois are experiencing heightened flu activity and one preliminary report shows the flu vaccine may only be 10% effective.