Election 2018

Both Republicans and Democrats say they want more answers as to why more than 500 non-U.S.citizens were mistakenly added to Illinois voter rolls.

Members of both parties say they take the issue of election security seriously.

State Sen. Jason Barickman said Friday that Bruce Rauner never fully grasped the job and responsibility of governor.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says he tried to get out of his failed re-election campaign.

Nationwide the Democrats won big in the midterms, but regionally majority of southern Illinois voted for Republicans.

To discuss what happened during the midterms and to understand why people vote the way they do, the Shawnee Green Party is hosting an open community discussion Tuesday evening.

Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker now tops Donald Trump as the richest politician in America. Pritzker’s wealth has led to more questions about the role of money in politics, and led critics to question how much the Democrat’s personal wealth may have influenced his election win against Gov. Bruce Rauner.

This week’s election was expected to bring a second “Year of the Woman” to American politics.

After Tuesday, here’s what that looks like in Illinois: The state’s congressional delegation added one woman, and there will be at least one, maybe up to three, more women serving in Springfield come January.


Voters in the 118th Illinois House district are sending a new representative to Springfield.

Republican Patrick Windhorst defeated democrat Natalie Phelps-Finnie in the mid-term election winning 58-percent of the vote.

A day after defeating incumbent Bruce Rauner, Illinois Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker is beginning his transition into government.

This midterm election, even more voters turned out in southern Illinois than the last midterm election held in 2014. And the 2014 election had an unusually high turnout.

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with Paul Simon Public Policy Institute Visiting Professor John Jackson. Jackson says despite gains for Democrats across Illinois, the southern part of the state is bucking that trend. 


Check for the latest updates on local races across southern Illinois.

Billionaire J.B. Pritzker’s big investment paid off. The Illinois Democrat soundly defeated incumbent Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner Tuesday night.

It’s thought to be the most expensive governor's race in American history. And Pritzker's win gives Democrats complete control of Illinois government.

Democrats dominated in Illinois Tuesday night — easily taking all statewide races on the ballot.  

Congressman Mike Bost
Benjy Jeffords / WSIU

Incumbent Republican Mike Bost defeated Democrat Brendan Kelly to win his third term in Congress.

“I just received a call from Brendan Kelly, he has conceded the race.”

Severin Is Re-Elected To The 117th House.

Nov 7, 2018
WSIU/Kevin Boucher

In the race for the 117th Illinois House Seat, Republican Dave Severin was re-elected over Democrat Jason Woolard.

Terri Bryant Re-Elected

Nov 6, 2018
Amelia Blakely

The 115th State Representative Terri Bryant will continue to serve her district according to election results.

"I'm humbled," she said in her acceptance speech. "It looks like this win is going to be really big, I'm honored to accept the win tonight."

Bryant says her opponent Marsha Griffin worked really hard and Bryant thanks her for running a good campaign.

Midterm Election Night - National Map

Nov 6, 2018
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Midterm Election Night - Illinois Map

Nov 6, 2018

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Nov 6, 2018

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Just over a million people voted before Election Day in Illinois – and millions more are expected to cast their ballots today.

Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich says there have been a few calls regarding problems at polling places. Mostly the issues have been malfunctioning counting machines.

“That’s a pretty routine thing that does tend to happen on Election Day,” he said. “There is a procedure in place for handling those ballots until they can be put into a functioning tabulator.”

Illinois election officials say there’s been a huge spike in early voting this year. But it’s not yet clear just what that means.

WSIU/Kevin Boucher

Over a dozen Republican lawmakers rallied at Veterans Airport in Marion on Monday,  in support of  Erika Harold - who is running for Attorney General against Democrat Kwame Raoul. 

Democratic Rally in Marion
Benjy Jeffords / WSIU

Tuesday is Election Day and Illinois Democrats are hitting multiple locations across the state for Get Out To Vote rally.

At the county health building in east Springfield, election judge trainees sit through a presentation and comb through packets of information.

On November 6, they’ll check voter rolls, hand out ballots and oversee counting machines.

One group at the training sticks out; about a dozen high school students sit together in the back of the room.

Julia Albarracin said she came to the United States in 1999 to attend graduate school at the University of Florida.  She now teaches political science at Western Illinois University.  Albarracin is also now an American citizen after being sworn in a few months ago, and she used her newfound status to cast her first vote in a U.S. election.

Voting by mail is proving to be a popular option this year in Illinois.

Early voting is robust for the November 6th election...and already ahead of 2016 totals.

Preschool is a key part of building a solid foundation for lifelong learning, some experts even say it’s 

Days before the election, a leading motorcycle group is rescinding its endorsement of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Former U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden is coming to Illinois this week to drum up support for several Democratic congressional candidates.

A trio of privately held companies that serve as the gatekeepers of U.S. election integrity may be its weakest security link.

The three - Election Systems & Software of Omaha, Nebraska, Dominion Voting Systems of Denver, and Hart InterCivic of Austin, Texas - sell and service more than 90 percent of U.S. elections systems. They operate with no significant federal oversight.