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UN Day Event Highlights Sustainability

Oct 24, 2019
Steph Whiteside/WSIU

A UN Day event at SIU Carbondale invited students and community members to attend discussions on sustainability and climate change. 

"The theme of UN Day this year is Our Planet, Our Future," said Karen Schauwecker, sustianability program coordinator at SIU. 

The UN has 17 sustainable development goals meant to create a better future for all people. 

As cooler weather arrives this fall, certain insects are looking to head indoors.  Among those bugs that want to share your home is a relative newcomer to Illinois. 

The brown marmorated stink bug has been showing up here since about 2010. 

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

Climate strikes are going on around the world Friday to demand action be taken to address the climate crisis.

Locally, a few dozen people held their own event on the SIU-Carbondale campus, near Faner Hall.

An event this fall in southern Illinois will try to develop strategies to address what organizers say is the urgent crisis of climate change.

A local city commission released a survey to have public input influence a sustainability action plan. WSIU's Amelia Blakely has more.

City of Carbondale

Carbondale's Sustainability Commission is seeking public input to develop an action plan focused on adapting the city to climate change and improving its resilience to extreme weather events.

Sustainability Action Plan Subcommittee member Jane Cogie says the commission was asked by Carbondale's City Manager to create a sustainability action plan that had the input of the local community.

Cogie says this is to ensure equitable changes for local residents who will be impacted the most.

From the National Climate Assessment Report Issued in November of 2018.

WSIU visits with Professor Justin Schoof, Chair of Geography and Environmental Sciences at SIU Carbondale on the release of the 4th National Climate Assessment report.

A stand of trees in the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri looks a little more sparse than what is often depicted in a forest.

The trees are eight to ten feet apart, and that’s on purpose, fire management officer Greg Painter said.

An international panel on climate change this week warned greenhouse gas emissions will keep increasing if left unchecked and called for urgent action. According to one Illinois scientist, that means frequent heavy rain events and flooding could become the norm.

A day after representatives from 196 parties signed an agreement that aims to curb climate change, it's time to start assessing its import.

Yesterday, Camila broke down the basics. Today, we've rounded up four pieces that help you understand the deal — and the politics around it — more deeply:

Leaders from around the world are converging on Paris for the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference. The two-week event is designed to allow countries the chance to come to an agreement on stifling climate change.

Below are 10 questions and answers that should better prepare you for the conference and what to expect during and after its completion.

Click the audio link at the top of this page to listen to "Heating Up," NPR's special on climate change, hosted by Ari Shapiro. Share it, download it, take it with you.

United Nations

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with United Nations Special Reporter Hilal Elver about her work on food security and climate change.

Ciril Jazbec/National Geographic

Weather patterns are shifting, ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising.   Climate change is the subject of the November issue of National Geographic magazine.  The entire issues is dedicated to exploring the issue as well as examining remedial actions.    WSIU's Jeff Williams talks with National Geographic magazine's Dennis Dimick for this edition of In The Author's Voice.   You can view the online edition here.