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Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner is calling the Legislature's spring session "stunningly disappointing" after Democrats passed a budget despite an impasse over how to fully fund it.

Illinois Democrats have begun to unveil their new state spending plan, which looks a lot like the current one. That's despite Illinois having billions of dollars less, thanks to a rollback of the income tax rate in January. Even before the details were made public, Gov. Bruce Rauner's office was out with a statement tearing into the proposal, and its architect, House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Illinois State Capitol
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Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan's effort to impose a new income tax on millionaires has stalled, but lawmakers may soon see proposals from Gov. Bruce Rauner regarding his "Turnaround Agenda."

Gov. Bruce Rauner has stayed out of the public eye for the past couple of days. But he's making his feelings on the budget known in an op-ed that came out late Wednesday night.

A federal judge has allowed Gov. Bruce Rauner's lawsuit over union fees paid by non-union workers to proceed _ without the governor.

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Illinois lawmakers will get back to work this week, with about two weeks left in their Spring Legislative Session to finalize a budget and finish off other issues.

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Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner told graduates to work hard, keep learning, and give back during his speech in Carbondale Saturday.

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New ways to tackle Illinois' underfunded pension systems could be emerging as Governor Bruce Rauner appears to be backing away from his plan.

Gov. Bruce Rauner says his plan to privatize the state's economic development agency will improve job creation in Illinois.

A top official with Gov. Bruce Rauner's office confirms, Illinois will restore $26 million in funding for a tobacco quitline, programs for autistic children and other social service grants. Projections show the state is taking in more money than expected.  While some cuts will remain, the windfall frees up money to reverse the cuts Rauner made with little warning on Good Friday, in early April.


Randy Dunn

WSIU's Jennifer Fuller talks with SIU President Randy Dunn about issues facing the university.

As Gov. Bruce Rauner marks his 100th day in office, the Republican sat down with Illinois Public Radio Statehouse Bureau Chief Amanda Vinicky to talk about his accomplishments and frustrations in his first few months as governor.

Rauner at 100: Budget Negotiations

Apr 20, 2015
Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune

Governor Bruce Rauner has proposed big cuts for next year.

Social service agencies are reeling from sudden budget cuts. More could be on the way.

A SIU Carbondale student has started a petition drive to remove Governor Bruce Rauner as one of the keynote speakers for the university's graduation ceremony next month.

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Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says the state's Supreme Court is part of a "corrupt system'' because of the campaign donations justices receive from attorneys who argue cases before the court.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has suspended $26 million in social services and public health grants to narrow a $1.6 billion budget gap.


The administration of Governor Bruce Rauner is considering hiring an appraiser to assess the value of Chicago's James R. Thompson Center, though it says it is premature to talk about a sale of the 17-story government building.

Republican Bruce Rauner has signed a temporary budget fix -- his first law since becoming governor earlier this year. 

Illinois' budget has a $1.6 billion dollar gap --- the result of a spending plan Democrats passed in the spring; some had hoped then for a post-election tax increase that never came to fruition.

Democratic Senator Heather Steans of Chicago says this will fill that gap.

A legal battle over union fees is brewing, between Illinois Republican governor and Democratic Attorney General.

Illinois' Attorney General says Gov. Bruce Rauner had no authority to bring a fight over union dues to federal court. She's trying to dismiss the case.

Republican Gov. Rauner is trying to get rid of so-called "fair share" dues on two fronts: he's ordered state agencies to stop collecting them, and he's suing in federal court to toss out the underlying state law that requires them.

The president of the Illinois Senate says the governor will have to try again to produce a balanced budget proposal.

Unions are taking Gov. Bruce Rauner to court over his attempt to get rid of so-called "fair-share" dues.

Illinois law requires workers who are not members of unions to nonetheless pay a fee, for the benefits unions secure on their behalf.

Rauner had issued an executive order eliminating that requirement.

But labor leaders says that's a violation of the separation of powers; in other words, a governor can't unilaterally toss out a state law.

Governor Bruce Rauner has named two new people to the SIU Board of Trustees, and re-appointed a previous member.

Just over 50 top state officials came together this afternoon for their first cabinet meeting with Illinois' new governor, Bruce Rauner. Journalists were invited to hear the Republican's opening remarks.

Rauner's Cabinet gathered in one of the capitol's largest, and nicest, committee rooms; members milled about, making small talk and introductions.

Some were recently appointed by the governor and are new to Illinois government; others are holdovers from former Gov. Pat Quinn's administration.

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Governor Bruce Rauner first outlined his plan for what he called worker empowerment zones in late January, during a visit to Decatur. He said he was not in favor of making Illinois a right-to-work state.

“But I do advocate local governments, local voters, being able to decide for themselves whether to be right to work areas, right-to-work zones."

Illinois' new governor and legislative leaders are figuring out how to deal with shortfalls in this year's budget.

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has selected a Florida Democrat to lead Illinois' troubled Department of Children and Family Services.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says he's confident state schools and other critical programs can be fully funded despite the state's budget crisis.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin isn’t surprised to hear three certain words coming from the governor.

Rauner Takes State of the State on the Road

Feb 6, 2015
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A day after delivering his first State of the State message, Governor Bruce Rauner hit the road to talk more about his agenda.