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Andrew Bacevich: Afghanistan war was a major U.S. policy failure – Episode 03

Andrew Bacevich
Paul Simon Public Policy Institute
Paul Simon Public Policy Institute

Andrew Bacevich, an author and historian and president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, talks about how a series of disasters befell the United States in 2020, how Americans misapprehended the world and our place in it, and how wars post-9/11 became "longer, larger, and more costly."

Hosted by John Shaw. Produced and edited by Alee Quick. This podcast is produced through a partnership between Paul Simon Public Policy Institute and WSIU Public Radio. For more, visit paulsimoninstitute.org/podcasts.

John T. Shaw joined the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute as director in January 2018. He established the Institute’s “Better Politics, Smarter Government” agenda with its Restoring American Statesmanship, Renewing Illinois, and Understanding Our New World programs.