WSIU Almanac: September 2nd, 2020.

Sep 2, 2020

The Hump Day Farmers market in Carbondale runs every Wednesday from 3:00PM to 6:00PM.  To learn more, browse to:

In Carterville, the Cannon Park Community Market is held from 3:00PM  to 7:00PM at Cannon Park.

For more information, browse to:

In southeast Missouri, the Cape Riverfront Market takes place at 35 South Spanish Street in Cape every Saturday from 8:00AM  to 12:00Noon.  For more information, visit:

You can also learn more by browsing to:

Every Thursday, starting at 12:00Noon, the Cape Farmer's Market takes place  in the West Park Mall parking lot.  For more information, visit:[0]=68.ARDws0Y5K-L0ZKOTkSGEUp38aY6zi2gHseMEk_W39Rrr0SzyvyMYbhpd5o0que3eLyBZNFvexUCCwJ90T8n0QqW8vL_Ok2WkZi-_CunglooJJ8YEw-2vsYibpmOCX0GYSryyT_8IcerNjeGv2Y69dT8BZEklzVroWzeg-iMovJHsgXMjSOlUIT6_3Zs_r8qiep77b2ZFMY7VHXqFaUXPtYhRpuAS1Jtn0liSe7Unl2oFVspImG_bjFEF8ZIT5BZV7VYIMZw7obhXoby0tpWAx4hPMtw43IdHZaZRZ3mPt8cT4nZ-Uvs3o0YMxIiyYb1sHS_sWsj-1zls1tRo9pQP1uxxOg&path=%2FCape-Farmers-Market-105485396140615%2F

For artists who have been economically hurt by COVID-19, the Illinois Arts Council Agency is accepting applications for several different programs.  To learn more, browse to: