Vietnam Vet Will Show His New Film on the SIU Campus

Mar 26, 2019

Ron Osgood spent much of his youth in Chicago.  In 1967 one kid from his neighborhood,  who was a Marine serving in Vietnam, was killed in action.  Several months after attending the funeral, Ron received is draft notice and served in the United States Navy in the South China Sea during the Vietnam War.

Over the years, as Ron developed as a filmaker, he decided to create a film about the Vietnam war  including interviews with, not only American veterans, but, former enemies of Americans:  North Vietnamese Soldiers.

Ron's film "Just Like Me:  The Vietnam War: The American War" will be shown on Tuesday night, March 26th, 2019 at 6:00PM at the SIU Student Center Auditorium.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend the film, and to meet Ron afterward.

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