U-S Army Corps To Hold Last Listening Session on Saturday September 7th a SEMO.

Sep 4, 2019

The U-S Army Corps of Engineers is holding the final, public listening session on Saturday September 7th, 2019.  This public input meeting will start at 9:00AM and will be held  on the Campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

The meeting will take place in the Atrium at SEMO's Dempster Hall.

People unable to attend the input session can still go online and submit their concerns via this special website:  https://www.mvr.usace.army.mil/About/Offices/Programs-and-Project-Management/UMR-F-S-D-Management/fbclid/IwAR0ZIPBopYHDBsl-POQxY3bnYpJ4pcdq_TsOTlcg2IV93pUc1eYaNqhqM0s/