Truth-In-Fracking Bill Passed by Illinois Senate

May 4, 2018

The Illinois Senate passed a measure that is designed to shed more light on fracking.

The bill would close loopholes in the state's regulation and provide the public with information about well locations and chemicals to be used in the fracking process.

Dawn Dannenbring with a community organization called Illinois People's Action says her group crafted the bill with the direct input of state officials.

"The Illinois Department of Natural Resources wanted the language to be consistent and they said that they would oppose any bill that we wrote that didn't have consistent language  with the Hydraulic Fracturing Regulatory Act."

She says her group believes Illinoisans near wells with horizontal or directional extensions have a right to know what's happening under their property and possibly to their water.

"The fact that some horizontal and directional extensions in Illinois are drilled to so close to the surface that they are within the geological-strata containing drinking water, I think everybody should be concerned that we have some transparency on this issue. Let's shine some sunshine and if the industry is as safe as it claims to be, it has nothing to worry about."

Dannenbring says advocates of the bill are going to start gathering sponsors for the bill in the Illinois House next week.

The first company to obtain a permit for fracking in Illinois announced late last year it wouldn't use it due to market conditions and the state's "burdensome and costly" regulations.