Tips For Planning Holiday Gatherings During A Pandemic

Dec 22, 2020

As families try to celebrate the holidays in the era of COVID, things might look different.

Priya Parker is the host of the New York Times podcast Together Apart. She said figuring out how to celebrate this year should begin with one question.

“What is it that we need this year? And for different families, for different individual within families, that answer is going to be different,” Parker said. “So for some it may be a sense of release or celebration or adventure. For some it might be a sense of, like, more quiet and a time to relax or rejuvenate. For some it may be a time to mourn. Right? It’s been a really tough year and to actually just have a second to grieve.”a

Parker recommended trying to incorporate new ideas for gatherings rather than just replicating regular traditions by Zoom. She suggested cooking together remotely or eating dinner together while on a video call can help families feel connected during the holidays, even while physically distant.