Southern Illinois' Wet, Cool Spring Affects Planting and Growing

May 20, 2019

On this edition of WSIU InFocus, WSIU's Kevin Boucher visits with U of I Extension Educator in Local Foods and Small Farms, Nathan Johanning.

This spring has been very wet and colder that usual.  In this interview Nathan says that in a normal year, many farmers in southern Illinois have 50 percent of their crops planted.  However now, according to Johanning, many southern Illinois farmers do not have any of their crops in the ground.

Nathan shares what he hears from farmer's and also offers advice on how to cope with extra rain.

For home and backyard gardeners, Nathan adds, plants can be grown in raised beds and/or planted on top of mounded up soil.  Both of these techniques are effective in helping to keep plant roots from drowning with too much water.

For more information, including details about this year's Summer Twilight Series of on-the-farm outreach events, browse to:

The public is invited to attend the first 2019 Southern Illinois Summer Twilight Series on Monday May 20th, 2019 at Double Star farms near Benton.