Southern 7 Seeks MRC Volunteers

Jul 11, 2019

Southern Seven Health Department is seeking volunteers for its Medical Reserve Corps - or MRC.

The volunteer driven group assists health professionals when an emergency strikes southernmost Illinois.

Southern Seven MRC coordinator Bobi Cavins says they need medical and non-medical volunteers to assist residents in its seven county coverage area.
"That's a lot of people compared to say Jackson County that just has one county they have to worry about, of course there's a lot of people there with the college and all, but, we're spread out and it would take a lot more than just the employees that we have."

Cavins says an example would be if there is a disease outbreak where medication needs to be dispensed to a wide area.
"We don't have enough employees to do that. So, we would need volunteers to come in and help us man what we call a POD - point of distribution - where people would come through and pick up their medicines for their household members."

The MRC recently held a donation drive that collected over 400 cases of water and sports drinks for volunteers and flood victims in Alexander County.

To learn more about volunteering with MRC, call the Southern Seven Health Department at 618-634-2297 or click here.