SIUC Reorganization Comments Indicate Split in Opinions

Feb 8, 2018

SIUC's controversial reorganization plan took the spotlight again Thursday at the university's Board of Trustees meeting - and it shows a growing rift on the Carbondale campus.

Nearly 20 people voiced their opinions both for and against the plan - which would eliminate departments and their chairs and consolidate programs into new schools. Chancellor Carlo Montemagno says it's moving forward.
"The collaborative, consultative process has worked. The plan is evolving and getting better than before, and it's a result of a real partnership that we have with our faculty, alumni, students, and community."
But Graduate and Professional Student Council President Johnathan Flowers says the chancellor has yet to meet with his group. He says comments that hint at potential cuts if the reorganization plan isn't approved don't help the situation, and his group has voted 'no confidence' in Montemagno.
"To be clear, in the face of threats to our faculty, our departments, and our institution, the Graduate and Professional Student Council will not yield - not to this Chancellor, not to this Board, not now, and not ever."
The Board voiced its support for the administrators across the SIU System. While many of those commenting alluded to the hiring inquiries at SIUC, no Trustees addressed them specifically.