SIU Trustees To Take Up Tuition, Fees

Feb 12, 2019

SIU Trustees will take up tuition and fee proposals for next year when they meet in Edwardsville this week, and SIU Carbondale's leaders are asking for a zero-percent increase.

Interim SIUC Chancellor John Dunn says this represents a focus on the students, their ability to afford a degree, and the options available to them.
"Our focus is not on our institutions - our focus should be on our students. And we collectively share those students. And so how can we best serve them? If a student chooses the community college route, let's celebrate that with the family and the student, and then welcome them when they make the transition to Carbondale."
SIU Edwardsville is also proposing no increase in its undergraduate tuition, is seeking a 3% hike in graduate tuition, and a 2.9% increase in student fees.

Trustees meet Wednesday and Thursday in Edwardsville.