SIU System Has A New President.

Dec 5, 2019

The SIU Board of Trustees, meeting at the Carbondale Campus on Thursday,  voted to appoint Daniel Mahony as the next President of the SIU System.

At a news conference on Thursday,  Mahony said that declining enrollment, while a big issue at SIU, is common at  90 percent of Universities all across the United States, and that he would make it a top priority.

Mahony added that he is a big believer in diversity, and mentioned that Winthrop University in South Carolina  --  where he is currently President   --  has made significant strides in increasing diversity both in Faculty and Students.

Mahony will begin his new duties on March 1st, 2020.

After the press conference was over, J. Phil Gilbert, Chair of the SIU Board of Trustees took to the podium to say:  "I hope from the Q and A, you folks understand why the board hired this man.  We expect, he's going to do great things  for the SIU System."