SIU Research Park Is Surveying Businesses Impacted By COVID-19

Feb 2, 2021

The SIU Research Park wants to hear from local businesses through an online survey.

The SIU Research Park is inviting businesses in Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Perry and Williamson counties to participate in an online survey about the impact COVID-19 had on their business.

Back in May they held a survey and found 40% of businesses were facing closure in less than half a year.

Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Development Greg Bouhl says the survey will help them reassess the best way to support these businesses and avoid closing.

“We had business owners who have pivoted and gone after different clients or tried to grow their business in other ways, we’ve had some just really trying to jump into how do we sell our products or services online and there’s been just a lot of assistance with that.”

Bouhl says over the last year they went from servicing 350 clients to around 700.