SIU Hosts Midcontinent Student Conference Of The American Society Of Civil Engineers

Apr 19, 2018

Hundreds of Engineering students are gathering at SIU this weekend for an annual conference.

It’s been almost a decade since SIU hosted the Midcontinent Student Conference of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Event organizer Larissa Root says over the next few days’ students from 14 universities will participate in presentations, networking sessions, and competitions.

“These students have worked very hard over the past year on their project weather that be putting together a steel bridge or a canoe made out of concrete.”

These competitions mimic real world problems the students will see in their career.

In the steel bridge contest they have to assemble their bridge on a time limit and then it’s tested for construction technique, load capacity and deflection.

“In the real world you’re going to be solving problems, your peers who may be competitors might be your co workers in the future so your learning to collaborate, your learning to use the materials you have and the budget you have to make the best outcome.”

The winning teams will advance to a national competition.

All the events are free and open to the public.