SIU-C's Reorganization Plan Being Worked Out This Summer

Jul 11, 2018

The faculty at SIU-Carbondale is working with the administration this summer on a reorganization plan for the campus.

Faculty Senate President Jonathan Bean says his group is studying both faculty and administration proposals and working on modifications.

"This summer we're really getting into the meat and potatoes of going through the process of approving these schools, or not approving them, so that in the coming year we will actually start seeing and talking about newly formed schools."

He's optimistic a compromise can be worked out on a restructuring plan led by the administration, but with faculty input.
"We all hope wherever we stood on the original reorganization that, into the middle of this coming year, we will have a restructured university. I can't tell you what that will look like by the end of the academic year."

Chancellor Carlo Montemagno says reorganized schools and new programs will attract more students, boost enrollment and revitalize the region's economy.

Bean says the Faculty Senate Tuesday approved six new schools proposed by the administration:
Applied Engineering and Technology
Biological Sciences
Earth Systems and Sustainability
Health Sciences
Psychological and Behavioral Sciences