SIH Offers Support For Nursing Program At SIU-C

Sep 12, 2018

SIH has announced it supports efforts to begin a 4–year nursing program at SIU–Carbondale

There is currently a nationwide shortage of nurses, especially those with four–year degrees. SIH President and CEO Rex Budde says the program would also benefit Southern Illinois residents who want to further their nursing education.

"Our nurses that go and get their RN, the two year degree, do a wonderful job. But there are a great many of them who want to continue their educations," he said. "But accessibility has been a problem down here in Southern Illinios, and affordability. Being able to do something locally allows them to meet their desires and continue their education."

Yesterday, the SIU–Carbondale Faculty Senate passed a recommendation to create a Bachelor of Science nursing program next fall.

The issue now moves to Interim President Kevin Dorsey for consideration.