Ribbon Cutting for Rides Mass Transit Center

Sep 23, 2019

Local leaders, including Senator Dale Fowler and Representative Dave Severin, gathered in Marion this morning to cut the ribbon for the new Rides Mass Transit Center.

"Right now, the Rides transit program is up and functional, but this facility will be a better location for people to get to," Severin said. "A lot of times they're maybe hanging out at a convenience store or whatever. This will be a specific location for buses and transit." 

The transit center has space for six buses at a time and will primarily serve buses using the Route 13 corridor. CEO Adam Lach says the facility will also be open to other mass transit districts in the area and eventually to Greyhound.

"The number one reason people use transportation, studies have shown, is convenience," Lach said. "So those folks out there that may not have their own transporation, are looking for transportation, who are already using transportation, this facility makes it a lot more convenient for them."

The new center offers parking for customers and offers indoor and outdoor seating.