Residents Can Register To Vote at the SIU Student Center on Friday February 26.

Feb 25, 2021

Municipal elections are scheduled for April sixth, and the Jackson County League of Women Voters wants to make sure everyone can cast a ballot.  Residents wishing to vote who have not registered can do so on Friday February 26, 2021 at the SIU-C Student Center from 11:00AM to 2:00PM.

" class="wysiwyg-break drupal-content" src="/sites/all/modules/contrib/wysiwyg/plugins/break/images/spacer.gif" title="<--break-->">The League's Dorcy Prosser says even though the popular drop box at the Jackson County Courthouse is gone, casting a ballot can still be done without standing in line.

"You still can apply to vote early.  I mean, there's options to vote and not go to the polls on April sixth."

" class="wysiwyg-break drupal-content" src="/sites/all/modules/contrib/wysiwyg/plugins/break/images/spacer.gif" title="<--break-->">Prosser stresses the importance of local elections.

"These are elections where you can vote for people that are your neighbors, who live in your community, who live in your town, and, may affect their everyday life."

Friday's voter registration drive at the SIU student center will comply with all COVID-19 safety rules.  Two forms of ID are required, photo ID not required.  Prosser says the League is sponsoring several forums which will be aired on the Carbondale Public Library's YouTube channel.