Report Says Feds Could've Done Better with ACHA Residents

Jul 27, 2018

A report by a watchdog says the federal government could have done more to intervene in Alexander County while residents were stuck with mice, mold and lead paint in public housing.

The report comes from the inspector general at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The report says bureaucrats during the Obama administration were reluctant to step in at the Alexander County Housing Authority because of possible ``political repercussions,'' although evidence of poor conditions and mismanagement was known.

HUD has managed daily operations at the Alexander County agency since February 2016. Housing complexes in Cairo, which housed 400 people, are being shut down. In an email, HUD's Jereon Brown says only seven families remain and relocation specialists are working with them.

Illinois' two senators say safe housing shouldn't be at risk because of government inaction.