Regional Leaders Come Together to Support Four Lane Highway Project

Jul 26, 2017

Officials in Jackson, Monroe, Randolph and Perry Counties are gaining support to make the two-lane highway, Illinois 127, four lanes. They're calling it the 4 Lane 4 County Commission.

Murphysboro Mayor Will Stephens says President Trump's trillion dollar road infrastructure plan and Governor Bruce Rauner's possible capital improvement plan have local officials hoping this idea will become a reality.
"All four counties passed resolutions in support of the project. The city of Murphysboro passed a resolution in support of it and I know dozens of others have as well. So, that's the stage we're in right now is gathering support from the various entities that believe this could have a positive impact."
The expansion would go from Murphysboro to Pinckneyville, then west to Waterloo and the Metro East.
"Being two lanes from Murphysboro up to the Metro East has always been problematic."
He says four lanes will make Southern Illinois more attractive to businesses and keep farmers safe during the harvest and planting seasons.

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