Rauner Campaigns at R.I. Company

Sep 17, 2018
Originally published on September 21, 2018 12:47 pm
Bruce Rauner versus corrupt Democrats from Chicago—that's how Illinois Governor Rauner described the choice between him and his Democratic opponent, JB Pritzker, during a campaign stop in the Quad Cities Monday. 

After a tour of Pak Source, a packaging and warehouse company in Rock Island, Rauner told workers it's critical that they reelect him in November.

"Pritzker is part of that Chicago political machine, that corrupt machine, that's caused you guys to have the highest property taxes in America, that's put a lot of bad regulations on our small business owners like Pak Source, and pushed a lot of our jobs over the border to Iowa, our jobs have gone over the border to Wisconsin, to Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas."

Rauner says the US economy is improving thanks to fewer government regulations and the elimination of unfair trade deals, creating jobs and raising wages. And he wants the same for Illinois - by cutting taxes and helping small businesses, like Pak Source, grow.

And when it comes to the Second Amendment, Rauner says he's a strong advocate of gun rights, unlike his opponent.

"Pritzker has publicly called for a ban on hadngun sales, a ban on sporting refile sales, and a 100 % tax on ammunition. Pritzker is a gun grabber of the first order."

He also called on them to vote only for candidates who promise to support term limits, and to vote for someone other than Mike Madigan to be Speaker of the Illinois House.

Rauner told the workers he wants to help them have a great future, but to do that he needs their support on November 6th.
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