Poshard Foundation Receive Grant to Help Non-Profit Organizations

Apr 24, 2020

Credit Poshard Foundation for Abused Children

We are all staying at home during the state's stay-at-home order, but for some children that's not the safest place to be. 

And that's why one Southern Illinois Foundation is helping companies with families in need. 

The Poshard Foundation for Abused Children Director Jo Poshard says with help from a grant from the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund, the foundation will be able to help thousands of children in 23 Southern Illinois Counties. 

"We will have four hundred thousand dollars, which we are really anticipating will help a lot of families." Poshard said. 

The Poshard Foundation is also donating to the fund. 

"The three hundred thousand dollars that we received from that fund will be put with one hundred thousand dollars from our foundation." Poshard said. 

The money will help companies and families with food, basic supplies and medical care.

The foundation has received 95 applications for the grants so far and Poshard says they hope to help as many as possible.