New Funding for Cairo Emergency Room

Jul 13, 2018

The city of Cairo is one step closer to having emergency medical care.

Nearly $2.4 million has been dedicated to furthering construction on an emergency medical wing at Cairo's mega-clinic. 

State Senator Dale Fowler was instrumental in helping secure the funds. 

"Obviously this is about economic development," he said. "It’s about creating more jobs, they’re going to be able to expand their operation to about 100 jobs now and of course it will create infrastructure and construction jobs. But most importantly, this endeavor and this expansion will save lives."

The new wing will provide 24-hour emergency services for Cairo and the surrounding areas. The last time Cairo had this level of emegency care was 30 years ago, in 1988. 

Staff and members of the Community Health and Emergency Services board were present for the announcement. 

“It’s going to revitalize Cairo," said chairman of the board of directors Cornell McGoy. "It’s going to save lives, it’s going to bring 100 jobs in, and it’s going to help insurance companies [when] businesses refuse to come here because you don’t have medical, in case some of the employees get hurt. So it’s business and it’s lifesaving. You can’t beat that.”