Local Restaurant Owners Move Into Phase 4

Jun 26, 2020

Now that Phase 4 of the governor's COVID-19 recovery plan is here, restaurants can open to inside dining, but at 50 percent capacity.  David Hays owns Mary's Restaurant in Herrin and  says, because of mandatory safety measures, his diners will notice a difference.

"All of our silverware is rolled in a napkin now instead of a five piece place setting, we don't put anything on the table until the guest sits down."  David Hays, Owner of Mary's Restaurant in Herrin.

He says he is not sure if he will ever fully recover from the damage done by the COVID-19 shutdown.

"We will eventually get back to what we were doing.  But I think what we lost is gone, I don't think there'll be any making that up." Mary's Restaurant Owner David Hays.