Jackson County to Celebrate its Bicentennial with New Historical Markers

Jan 20, 2016

Jackson County Illinois was formed from parts of Randolph and Johnson Counties and became the ninth county in the state on January 10th, 1816.  To commemorate the event, the Murphysboro Tourism Commission, the Jackson County Government, the Illinois State Historical Society and descendants of one of the founders, Conrad Will, will unveil two historical event markers on Saturday January 23rd, 2016 at 2:00PM at the Jackson County Courthouse in Murphysoro.

In this interview, Mike Jones, with the Murphysboro Tourism Commission and the Director  of the General John A. Logan Museum talk about the beginning of the county and one of its founders.

To learn more about Jackson County, visit:  http://www.jacksonilhistoric.com/

To learn more about General John A. Logan you can visit the museum at 1613 Edith in Murphysboro, or see their website:  http://www.loganmuseum.net/index.php