It's Time to "Fall Back" This Weekend

Nov 1, 2019

The Illinois State Fire Marshal's office is reminding to "change your clock, check your batteries" this weekend.

When you set your clock back an hour, it's also advised to make sure your smoke alarm is working. Fire marshal spokesperson J.C. Fultz says for older models, go ahead and change the batteries, or get a new, 10 year alarm.

Illinois law also requires that 10-year smoke alarms be installed in all homes built before 1988 or that don't have hardwiring by 2023.

We gain an hour of sleep this weekend, thanks to the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Take advantage of it, because a recent study shows many of us continue to lose ground on adequate and healthful rest.

Deb Tapp with the OSF HealthCare St. Anthony Medical Center Sleep Lab says just like when we set the clock ahead 60 minutes in the spring, treat it like jet lag. Only we know this is coming - so make adjustments.
"Try to get the best sleep you can that night. And be aware that for some people it really can affect your daytime functioning for a short period of time until you get used to it."
Making small, sensible changes can help you regularly get a good night's sleep. But, she says if you find it difficult to stay alert and awake during the day or your ability to perform tasks or make decisions is affected, it could be a sure sign of a lack of sleep. Then it's time to seek professional help from your physician.

A new poll finds that most people across the country want to stop the twice-a-year ritual of clock changes.

It found that 4 in 10 would like to see their clocks stay on standard time year-round, while about 3 in 10 prefer to stay on daylight saving time.