Illinois Measure Aims to Protest Travel Ban

Jun 26, 2018

The U-S Supreme Court Tuesday upheld President Trump's so-called travel ban. A proposal that passed the Illinois General Assembly aims to protest that policy.

Within a week of taking office ... Trump issued an executive order commonly referred to as the travel ban or Muslim ban. He said the goal was to prevent foreign terrorists from entering the country. In Illinois ... a proposal called the "Anti-Registry Act" would prevent state officials and agencies from assisting in federal efforts to collect demographic information of people.  "Based on their religion or their national origin or their ancestry. What we want to do is try to nip that in the bud when it comes to Illinois."  That's Fred Tsao, who's with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. He says the goal is to prevent registries that track people based on national origin or religion:
 "What this legislation does is prohibit state agencies and local governments from participating in such a registry program or sharing resources or information that would facilitate that program."
The plan passed out of both the Illinois House and Senate with bi-partisan support. It has until the end of the month to go to the governor for his consideration.