Illinois Delegates at DNC Talking About 2018 Governor's Race

Jul 25, 2016

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has already said he plans to run for re-election in two years.

Democrats don't have a single obvious candidate for governor.

But there's a lot of talk at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia about the possibilities.
Illinois Senator Kwame Raoul -- a Democrat from Chicago - says ambitious politicians shouldn't put the cart before the horse.  Still, Raoul says he'd take the job.
"Certainly I wouldn't run away from any job that would put me in a position to solve problems. I'm in such a position right now, however I'm one in 59, in my chamber, and one in 177 if you consider both chambers. So certainly being a chief executive puts you in a stronger position to solve, solver problems."
Other prospects include Attorney General Lisa Madigan and U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, who isn’t much interested in talking about who’ll run for Illinois governor in 2018.

“I am focused on my job. I am a Senator from this state and I am honored to be that Senator. Doing my best to bring back every federal dollar that I can for a state that needs all the help that it can get. ”

But other Democrats are talking about the prospects of a Durbin candidacy.

Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois Michael Madigan says he’s had conversations with Durbin about it.

“Sen. Durbin and I talked about it a few months ago, sure.”

Madigan says Durbin would be “uniquely qualified” because of his “exemplary record” as a public servant.