Home Health Service Providers Waiting on Pay Raise

Mar 27, 2018

The Illinois Legislature approved a 48 cent raise last August for its employees of the home services program.

The program provides caregivers to individuals with severe disabilities.

However-caregiver Jeff Poole says they have yet to see that raise.

"We’re not asking for anything major. We're not asking for a life changing or life altering, unique expense that we're going to get in our pockets. We're just asking to get what was approved."

While 48 cents may not seem like much-caregiver Molly Sivuac says it would make a difference on top of the 13 dollars an hour she makes now.

"For me, that raise will be about an extra $20 a week. That's an extra $20 bill that I can have assurance for so I can take my 6-year-old son to all his after school activities and not have to worry about breaking into my grocery budget."

A Cook County Court decision ruled the state's withholding of the raise was illegal...now the state is asking for an appeal on the court's judgment.