Holiday Gift Guide Features Southern Illinois Businesses

Dec 11, 2020

If you’re looking to buy local this season, the Illinois Made holiday gift guide can help

Several southern Illinois businesses made the list, with online shopping options to let people buy safely during the pandemic.

George Majka from Pomona Winery said the pandemic has been tough, since a lot of the business is based on wine tastings of the company’s wines, which are unique because none are made from grapes. But there are still options for people looking to buy local wine for the holidays.

“Our mail order business has been quite robust this year and our wines are still available in all of the local liquor stores,” Majka said.

Danielle Cyvas of Warm N’ Cozy Quilting said the pandemic has actually been a positive, prompting the store to offer online shopping.

“Also the sewing industry has had a booming year, a lot of people being home have picked up hobbies, have maybe rekindled some of the hobbies they’ve already had or found something new to help with all the time being at home,” Cyvas said.

Shoppers can buy wine from Pomona Winery here, and shop Warm N’ Cozy Quilting online on their website. Other southern Illinois businesses included in the gift guide are C’s Bees Honey and More in Anna, The Chocolate Factory in Golcanda, and Grafton Winery and Brewhaus in Grafton.