Herrin Woman Quilts for a Cause

Apr 4, 2013

A Herrin woman is turning her own tragedy and recovery into an opportunity for others to learn and help out.

Dr. Terry Glennon and Carla Shasteen stand in front of the quilt she made. The quilt was raffled, with proceeds providing scholarships.
Credit Jennifer Fuller

Four years ago, Carla Shasteen was in a devastating car accident which left her in a coma. When she woke up, she couldn’t speak. But she says the rehabilitation she received at Herrin Hospital inspired her to complete two goals: Get back into quilting and provide incentives for more people to study rehab.

“They were wonderful to me, and if it were not for them, doing everything that they do on a daily basis, I could never – literally – never walk.”

Shasteen reached her goals – she’s quilting again, and she’s turning that art into a scholarship auction. At a raffle drawing today, Shasteen announced she’d raised enough money to provide two $1,000 scholarships to Herrin High Schoolers who will study Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapy in college.

Dr. Terry Glennon cared for Shasteen during her rehabilitation. He says it’s stories like hers that make his job so rewarding:

“This is why we do it. What other field can see folks from the moment you first meet them, down in the bed not doing anything, to the point where they’re making quilts?”

Shasteen says the quilting has helped her in rebuilding her motor skills in her hands, and being able to provide for future rehabilitation specialists helps her to know that others in her situation will get the care they need to bounce back.