Herrin Hospital Announces $23.7 Million Expansion

Apr 23, 2015

Herrin Hospital is expanding. Southern Illinois Health Care announced Thursday morning that its Herrin facility will undergo a $23.7-million expansion and renovation of the hospital’s surgical center.

Herrin Hospital
Credit sih

Under the plan approved this week by the state Health Facilities and Services Review Board, Herrin Hospital will add seven new operating rooms which include the renovation of four existing surgical rooms and the addition of three new operating rooms.  The expansion also includes replacement of  recovery and minor procedure rooms.

According to the project’s state review, the new surgical center will consist of 13,500 square feet of new construction and some 16,000 square feet of renovations to existing space.  Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in August with a fall of 2017 completion date.

SIH officials say the expansion is necessary to meet the growing demand for advanced surgeries as well as the increase in laparoscopic procedures.  During 2013 Herrin hospital performed a little more than 4,000 surgeries and minor procedures along with 1,900 endoscopy cases.  The hospital projects those numbers will increase to nearly 6,000 surgeries and minor procedures and 2,100 endoscopy cases by fiscal year 2019.

According to the Illinois Health Facilities and Service Review Board summary report, SIH will pay for the $23.7 Million project with cash.  SIH lists $440,260,000 in total operating revenue for 2013 and $423,144,000 in total operating expenses for the same time period.