Gov. Pritzker Does Not Plan on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Aug 5, 2020

Health experts and others have talked about how life won't get back to normal until there is a vaccine.

During a media briefing Wednesday, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker said he doesn't plan on imposing a vaccine mandate. But, he hopes a high percentage of Illinoisans would want to get vaccinated.

"Herd immunity is something you only really can get with vaccines. So, we want people to get vaccinated if it's an effectice vaccine."

Pritzker said we can't eradicate COVID-19 entirely, just like the flu virus. Plus, he said COVID-19 is unlike anything we've seen during our lifetimes.

"155,000 people or so have died in the United States in about a four-month period. Just to compare, the flu takes about 30,000-50,000 lives per year."

Pritzker said the measles vaccine has around 98 percent coverage.