Faculty Union Hopes to Modify SIUC Reorganization Proposal

Oct 16, 2017

The union that represents tenured and tenure-track faculty at SIU Carbondale says a new campus reorganization plan needs more work before it's put in place.

SIUC Faculty Association President Dave Johnson says his members and others on campus agree enrollment is one of the biggest issues the university faces - but he says reducing the number of colleges and schools doesn't directly address that:
"The good that this program would do in addressing the immediate problem - that we all recognize - is unclear. Whereas, the disruption it would cause is obvious - I think even the chancellor recognizes that. So while we could be prepping classes, doing research, or recruiting students, we're going to be packing boxes and revising operating papers."
Johnson says he welcomes collaboration and thinking in unique ways - but he says he hopes the reorganization plan is presented as a "straw man" proposal. He says that means everyone can have a say in how things change.
"How we develop more innovative programs - where that's appropriate - and that it will foster thought and collaboration, and that we'll come together and improve the way we do our business on this campus - the way we teach, the way we do research."

Johnson says he hopes Chancellor Carlo Montemagno remains open to ideas and suggestions on how to modify the proposal so that it meets SIUC's most urgent needs.

Montemagno is hosting a series of meetings this Thursday to roll out the details of the reorganization - which he wants to have in place by July 1 of next year.