Curfews in Place in McClure and E. Cape as Jackson Co. Flood News Improves

Jul 1, 2019

The water keeps rising in parts of Alexander County, so for the public's safety, a curfew is now in place.

Officials say residents should not be out past 10 p.m. in both McClure and East Cape Girardeau.

McClure is still in need of volunteers to help sandbag to try to slow the spread of rain and seep water as the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau recedes slowly.

Meanwhile., the flood news continues to be good in Jackson County.

Deputy coordinator of the county's emergency management agency Orval Rowe says the addition of two more 12-inch pumps has helped greatly.
"We started with ten, then we got two more, we still weren't gaining and now with the 14 we're beginning to start gaining some ground on the seep water and the rain water."
Rowe says the pumps are located on the southern end of the Big Muddy Levee.

He says officials are still closely monitoring the levees to check for sand boils to make sure there are no changes as the river level drops.

Rowe says the Mississippi River has fallen below 40-feet but it's slow because of heavy rains locally and along the Missouri River, which is flowing into the Mississippi.

There could be some good news for drivers who travel Route 3 in Jackson and Randolph counties.

Rowe says Route 3 at the Cora floodgate could re-open sometime soon.
"I would say probably early next week if we don't get a huge rain where the river is still able to drop. Again, that's all going to depend on how many more heavy rains we get and rain up the line from the river."
The flooding of the Mississippi River closed Route 3 southeast of Chester three months ago. Flooding also closed the river bridge at Chester for three weeks in June.