Carterville Woman Violates Probation, Resentenced on Reckless Homicide Plea

Mar 2, 2020

A Williamson County woman has been re-sentenced after violating her probation on a reckless homicide plea.

The Jackson County State's Attorney says 22-year-old Keona Taylor-McKenzie of Carterville received a two and-a-half year re-sentence.

In July, 2017, Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a rollover vehicle crash on North Marion Street in rural Carbondale. Taylor-McKenzie was the driver of the vehicle. There were two juvenile passengers in the vehicle, one of whom died as a result of her injuries.

In November 2018, Taylor-McKenzie entered a guilty plea to Reckless Homicide and the court sentenced her to 30 months' probation with conditions which required her to pay a fine, report regularly to probation, refrain from alcohol use, complete drug/alcohol treatmentand testing, refrain from entering establishments of which the primary sale is alcohol, refrain from the use of cannabis and maintain a job.

The court revoked her probation after finding she had violated all of those terms.