Carbondale Seeks Input On Wayfinding Master Plan

Dec 20, 2019

The city of Carbondale wants to make it easier to find your way around.

A new project called the Carbondale Wayfinding Master Plan is to make the city more user friendly.

Earlier this month Carbondale held an open house to get input from the public for the Wayfinding Master Plan.

It will direct residents and visitors to key destinations in the city.

Development Services Director Chris Wallace says idea came from the downtown master plan the city has worked over the few years.

“So we took that idea and decided to make it more of a city wide effort to include major corridors and also our bike routes.”

Wallace says the new signs will make help distinguish public parking from private parking.

“We have adequate parking downtown but sometimes it’s hard for people to find, so we’re hoping we can use a system of wayfinding to get them where they want to go and help them visit local businesses.”

What those signs are going to look like is still being decided.

“That will be unveiled in the spring, they’re going to bring several ideas forward and from those ideas narrow it down to exactly what we want.”

The city plans to install the signs in phases to keep the cost manageable.

$45,000 was given to the city from the Southern Illinois Metropolitan Planning Organization to pay for the project.

For WSIU I’m Benjy Jeffords.