Carbondale Man Sentenced for Threatening Public Official

Jul 29, 2019

A Jackson County jury found a Carbondale man guilty of Threatening a Public Official and Criminal Trespass.

The Jackson County State's Attorney says 46-year-old Daniel Robert Hamilton received a 4 1/2 year prison sentence.

Last October, Carbondale police officers were sent to Main Street Laundry because the manager wanted two drunk individuals to leave the property. Officers approached them, asked them to leave and one individual left without incident.

The other, identified as Hamilton, refused to leave after several attempts to convince him to do so. So, officers placed him under arrest for criminal trespass. While Hamilton was being transported to the Jackson County Jail, he began to threaten the life of the transporting officer and the officer's family by claiming he knew where they lived and he would shoot him and members of his family at their home.