Carbondale Liquor Advisory Board Votes To Allow Alcohol Delivery

Jan 4, 2019

Thursday night Carbondale’s Liquor Advisory Board unanimously voted to recommend the city council change title 2 of the city code to allow the delivery of package alcohol.

Residents in Carbondale may soon be able to have sealed alcoholic beverages delivered to their door through taxi’s or transportation network companies like uber, carGo, or similar services.

Cape Girardeau based carGo is an on demand transportation company already operating in Carbondale.

Co founder James Stapleton says drivers must be over 21 and complete specific training; the drivers are also carded when they pick up the delivery.

“We’ve gone to great links to make sure that our process is safe and secure and that will be helpful for the alcohol retailers too.”

Stapleton says their technology allows the driver to store the ID of the customer with the transaction for evidence they’re of legal age.

The funds are not transferred to the business until the driver OK’s the sale, if they’re under age there’s no sale and a restocking and return fee charged.

The city Council still has to pass the ordinance, but Stapleton sees this as a good start.

“The city of Carbondale’s approach to being proactive and you know figuring out what the reasonable set of standards is  and regulations and getting an ordinance in front of the city council and that’s a good first step.”

All alcohol deliveries have a $5 fee and possibly more depending on the distance from the retailer.