Carbondale Leaders React to SIU Document Release

Jul 5, 2018

Carbondale's mayor says he's disappointed in SIU President Randy Dunn - and is continuing his push to keep the university system together.

Mayor Mike Henry says documents released last week show even more clearly the need to protect SIU Carbondale, and to keep it together as a part of a system with SIU Edwardsville.
"I believe we are stronger as a system, we always have been. Both campuses have grown and prospered as a system, as well as our medical school. It worries me to start separating the campuses."
Henry says he's working with other mayors across southern Illinois to make their voices heard when it comes to SIU.

Meanwhile, Carbondale City Manager Gary Williams says the region is watching closely.
"We need leaders here that want to serve us - serve the community, serve the region, and serve all those constituencies. I hope the Board of Trustees and everybody involved realizes that."

The documents show SIU President Randy Dunn worked with leaders at SIU Edwardsville on a funding reallocation plan and potential legislation to split the system. In a statement, Dunn stands by his actions and says he was working on behalf of the system.

Some lawmakers have called for Dunn's resignation, but the Board of Trustees split on a vote to suspend him at a special meeting in June.