Candidate Petition Filings Include a Full Slate on the Libertarian Party Ticket

Jun 25, 2018

he Libertarian Party filed a slate of statewide candidates Monday… turning in more than 47-thousand signatures to the Illinois State Board of Elections.  That’s nearly double the required 25-thousand.

Kash Jackson, the candidate for governor, says he is pro-life and if elected would repeal a law mandating tax payer funding for abortion.   

“I would not change the law as it stands right now other than repealing HB 40. It should not be funded by taxpayers. I would like to see more private institutions do that and it be privately funded… so if it’s going to happen, I think taxpayers could swallow the pill of ‘we’re not paying for it.’”

The retired Navy veteran says he does not currently work… He aims to reform family law, making men and women equal in custody battles.  He also wants to legalize recreational marijuana and believes added gun laws would be an infringement on second amendment rights.

State Senator Sam McCann of Plainview filed roughly 65-thousand signatures Monday in the race for governor as a third party candidate. That’s well over the required 25-thousand. McCann says he expects an objection to be filed… but says he will be on the ballot in November.

“If the people of Illinois understood, that the democratic and republican lawmakers are playing you for fools, they’re taking your tax dollars and basically padding their own pockets. This needs to change and we’re going to make sure it does.”

McCann’s place on the ballot is NOT final, as he could face a challenge to his petitions. 

McCann was elected as a Republican, but he has  been a regular critic of GOP Governor Bruce Rauner and many observers think McCann will pull votes from the Republican incumbent. McCann agrees a “large portion” of his voters will be those who voted against Rauner in the primary. But he also says he expects to take votes from Democrat JB Pritzker.

Candidate petition filings from southern Illinois Monday include Bubba Harsy from Du Quoin, a Libertarian candidate for Attorney General, Thadeus Freed of Salem on the Libertarian ticket for the 107th district state houset seat and Joe Robbie of Carbondale, a Green Party candidate in the 115th district house seat.