Bryant Calls on Pritzker to Reopen Illinois

Mar 10, 2021

A southern Illinois lawmaker is urging Governor JB Pritzker to drop coronavirus restrictions and reopen the state.

State Senator Terri Bryant says too many businesses are hurting from COVID-19 restrictions, and it's affecting people personally, too.

She says residents in nursing homes and assisted living centers haven't seen family and friends in months - and it's time to loosen restrictions.

"They're just not letting family members go into those facilities, even in the facilities where 100% of those who are living there - and the staff - have been offered the vaccine. So, if they've been offered the vaccine - both residents and staff - why can't the visitors come in?"

State leaders say the restrictions are in place to protect the most vulnerable, and to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Bryant says with vaccines available, and better treatments, it's time to revisit those guidelines.

The Murphysboro Republican also says new guidelines or plans should have legislative input - she says lawmakers have been left out of planning and other decisions so far.