Black Lives Matter Demonstrators March in Carterville

Jun 3, 2020

Credit Shay Miller

More than 150 people turned out for a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Carterville Wednesday evening.

Demonstrators marched through the small Williamson County community, calling out George Floyd's name and demanding justice.

Organizer Korshawn Johnson says he was surprised and happy with the turnout - saying he wasn't sure what to expect. But he says he felt he had to do something.

"If you're not livid, you're not listening. Enough, enough, enough, enough, enough!"

Police and demonstrators kneel for a moment of silence and prayer during a protest in Carterville.
Credit Shay Miller

Johnson and others thanked law enforcement officers who were on hand to keep the peace and direct traffic as the group marched in the streets.

In addition to the march, demonstrators held a moment of silence and prayed for an end to racism, police brutality, and for a peaceful way to move forward.